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Ballinascreen GAC
Ballinascreen GAC8 hours ago
We have done it!!!! Over to you Mr Chairman, does the man from del Monte say yes?

2 more shares needed!!!

Breaking news!!! We have just broken all records!!!😱😱😱👏👏👏👏👏

The Underage Camogs, coaches and parents HAVE JUST COMPLETED 100 MILES!!!!

And just to top it off they went and added 30 MORE MILES!!!!

That’s a whopping 130 miles in one night- record breakers- Congratulations to everyone.

To celebrate the Chairman has said that if we get 50 likes and 25 shares he will double the miles!!! He must have gone mad!!

Let’s get liking and sharing and don’t forget to donate using the link

Ballinascreen GAC
Ballinascreen GAC8 hours ago
We have gone global!!!! I repeat we have gone global!!! Here are Maura Spillane and Kenneth Spillane all the way from Birr Co Offaly!! A wet 3 miles so big thanks. Maura is originally from Ballinascreen. She brought Kenny up only for Kenny to go on a real big rip, thanks to Pasty Cassidy for the wine gums!!!
Ballinascreen GAC
Ballinascreen GAC9 hours ago
The miles are flying in and it’s almost impossible to post them all. We will try and give as many people as possible a shout out but feel free to post your pictures and tag Ballinascreen club!!

Here are a few updates
Catherine Mc Coy - 8 miles - did the 8 miles whilst her brother’s speech went on and on and on, on Friday night.

Lucy Murray - a brilliant 7 miles!!! Take Eunan Murray next time,it will give us all peace.

Mickey Mc Allister- 5.8 super miles..apparently a club cheque blew out of his hand and he chased it around the road🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

Anne Cleary - 7 miles - that’s your lucky number Anne and the same number of the bus that had to be sent to pick you up 7miles out the road🙀🙀🙀

Aoibhinn Mc Glone a super 2.3 miles - helped on by a curry she had the night before she was only supposed to do 2 mile but she was pushed on by a gurgling stomach and a touch of wind. 🤢🤢🤢

Shauna and Eugene Mcnicholl an absolute totally brilliant 14.7 miles - great strategy Eugene, wear the wife out and she won’t nag you to clean the house.

Jerome Bradley and Donna Bradley, they both did 4 miles but Donna did an extra 3 miles. If I had to listen to Jerome for 4 miles I would definitely walk the extra 3 miles to get away.🤣🤣

Seamus Bumble did a 3 mile run, sources say he kept his shirt on but no confirmed sightings yet. Only points he’s getting this weather is for speeding, much like his football career🧨🧨

O Hagan and Flanagan families- walked so far they wore the new walkway out - 10 massive miles

Maria McFlynn McKenna - 4 miles done, she only meant to do 1 mile but her coat got caught on Gerard’s car door as he drove to work🚑🚑

Mena Kelly - did 5 miles ……TWICE!!! She thought she was doing an audition for a postman’s job!! Hope you are successful because Dean is crap!!

Sara Ellatar - a super super 9 miles on her own but also did an unbelievable 9.6 miles with Aaron Groogan - they have moved to sunny Spain, everyone was sad that Sara moved away, not so much Aaron, God bless the crater🤡🤡

Padraig O Hagan, a brilliant 0.5 mile swim. Ps it’s quicker if you run round the walkway rather than trying to swim.

Terry Mc Cormick - another expat living in England- did a brilliant 5 miles. Was chasing the ice cream van but it turned out to be an ambulance. 🚑🚑

Maureen Quinn had a morning walk and did a brilliant 4 miles. This is a fantastic achievement because Maureen is a teacher and as we all know they haven’t much time🙈🙈

Aine Kelly - 9 brilliant brilliant miles - poor Aine didn’t mean to do 9 miles but she thought someone was going to mug her in London and she just took off!! Hopefully she has stopped.

Micheal Mc Nicholl- what a star- 12 miles - super miles but a bit drastic just to avoid the Chairman👨‍🎓

Lisa Mc Closkey- a whopping 4.5 miles- was out walking the dog and a cat ran up the road- lesson learned, never tie the lead round your wrist - Crufts next year???

Michael-James Groogan did an amazing 2 miles - big rumours he had dropped a fifty pence on the 5 mile straight and went looking for it, however it has been confirmed that he was out celebrating the Under 15 hurling victory, had a couple of pints and was heading to see Pat Joe about starting corner forward next year!!

Keep the miles and donations coming!!!

A big mileage coming later tonight, keep an eye on Facebook

12 hours ago
Joe Trolan, all the way over in South Korea has clocked up a big 7 mile 👏

Wherever you are in the world and have an affiliation with our club you can take part. We want to reach our goal of 25,000miles.

Post a pic and please donate 🇲🇨😊
https://t.co/IYS4VxDhXF https://t.co/n9KPVeQfDd
ScreenGAA photo
20 hours ago
Unreal from Gary and the wife with an incredible 12 miles!! He'd be glad of a cup of tea after that.

Get the trainer's on and do what you can do support or 'Around the World Challenge'!!

Post a pic and please donate 😊🇲🇨
https://t.co/IYS4VxDhXF https://t.co/DTbHHS001s
ScreenGAA photo
20 hours ago
Unbelievable effort by Laura Kelly who done an amazing 20 miles!!

@ScreenGAA 'Around the World'challenge' we are clocking up the miles rightly. Help us get to the 25,000!!

Please post a pic and donate! 🇲🇨
https://t.co/IYS4VxDhXF https://t.co/gGhguz7Gdx
ScreenGAA photo
20 hours ago
Fantastic stuff from Anne Donnelly who clocked up 4mile for the 'Around the World Challenge'!

Get out and do what you can folks. Don't forget to post a pic!!

https://t.co/IYS4VxUTmf https://t.co/9AWvQuo1pQ
ScreenGAA photo
20 hours ago
Lovely gesture from @MKBurke1 who is running a leg of the Belfast marathon in memory of our very own Hugh Peter.

Even if it's a couple of pound folks it would be great to get behind her 👏👏👏 https://t.co/Lqa2WOsppo

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